Ramones Band Members Sector

Band members:

JOEY (Jeff Hyman) - Lead Vocals
*May 19th 1951, +April 15th 2001 (R.I.P.)
JOHNNY (John Cummings) - Guitar
*October 8th 1951 +September 15th 2004 (R.I.P.)
DEE DEE (Douglas Colvin; aka Dee Dee King) - Bass and Lead Vocals
*September 18th 1952, +June 5th 2002 (R.I.P.)
TOMMY (Tommy Erdelyi) - Drums
*January 29th 1952
MARKY (Marc Bell) - Drums
*July 15th 1956
RICHIE (Richie Reinhardt; Richie Beau) - Drums and Lead Vocals
*August 11th 1957
C.J. (Christopher Joseph Ward) - Bass and Lead Vocals
*October 8th 1965

...and there also were these guys:

Ritchie Ramone - Bass
rehearsed just twice with the RAMONES and then disappeared
Elvis Ramone (aka Clem Burke) - Drums
former Blondie drummer who just played two gigs with the guys and then got kicked out of the band
Billy Rogers - Drums
former Heartbreakers drummer who played drums on "Time Has Come Today" (from Subterranean Jungle)

the changing lineups:

1987-1989 1989-1996

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