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Hi girls 'n guys,

You're now entering the Ivo-Sector!

This is my private homepage, where You can find some (useful ?!) information about me and the stuff I am interested in, e.g. the fastest rock'n'roll band ever (no, not the Beatles) 1-2-3-4 the RAMONES.
My name is Ivo Jurlina and I'm 28 years old. I am croatian (CROATIA) but live in Germany since I was born (on a sunday, by the way). I am studying german and slavistics at the University of Mannheim. I love strange music, playing chess, going out (mostly at night), drinking beer and last but not least GIRLS :-).
That's all folks.
Have a great time, gabba gabba!!!
Of course I would like to know what You think of these pages, so mail me.
Now I won't bore You no more, let me just say this:

"If You're Not In It, You're Out Of It"

... I recommend that you also check out Ingwie (Inge) Gilbert's Chaos-homepage.

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Ivo Jurlina